What is an electronic cigarette?

Our electronic cigarette (also referred to as an ecigarette) is a two-part device that mimics the action of smoking a traditional cigarette, but without all the harmful chemical additives.

The two parts that an ecigarette consists of is the refill cartridge, and the battery.  The refill cartridge is composed of a cartridge casing containing an atomizer, and liquid ingredients required to create the vapor (water, nicotine (unless 0mg), propylene glycol, and flavoring).  The atomizer is a heating element that heats up to produce the vapor when you inhale.  The attached ecigarette battery is a lithium-ion battery that is encased and cannot be dissembled by the user.  It’s an easy to use rechargeable battery that attaches to the refill cartridge and allows the atomization to occur.  They are activated by an air pressure sensor that is triggered when the user inhales on the ecigarette.  The battery turns on and supplies power to the heating element located in the refill cartridge.

The technology of UTVG’s ecigarettes provides the user with a pleasant, modern way of “smoking”, now known as vaping.  Vaping means you are able to enjoy your ecigarette indoors, or locations where smoking is prohibited.  There’s no ash, no tar, no smoke, including second or third hand smoke.  There’s no reason you shouldn’t be making the switch to us today!

How to use a Flavor Vape Disposable Ecigarette

Using a disposable ecigarette is easy and convenient. Just remove from the packaging and you’re ready to use. Your Flavor Vape will last about 500 puffs, and once it’s done no need to find your charger. Just toss it in the recycling. 

How do I know if my Flavor Vape is working properly?

When you inhale on the tip of your disposable ecig, the LED at the end of the unit will illuminate.  Once you’ve exhausted the life of the disposable, the LED will blink indicating it’s time to dispose of the unit and replace with a fresh new one.  You may also wish to replace the disposable if the amount of vapor decreases to a less than satisfactory level, as this also indicates the piece is reaching the end of its life.